UTND 013: And Philae goes wheeeee!



News: Comet-hopping for beginners!

CJ and comedian Kirthy Iyer chat about the ESA comet landing, the sad future for Rosetta and Philae, Kirthy’s obsession with Pluto, the new insult ‘this smells like a comet’ and our preference for peaceful aliens.

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Just like a musician’s difficult 2nd album, this is the difficult 13th episode of this podcast. There were a few technical difficulties (not unlike the comet lander Philae) such as batteries dying too early and one of the microphone cables deciding to take unexpected micro sleeps, but even with that it turned out to be one of the funniest episodes so far.

Here are the links to a the websites Kirthy mentioned:

And here is just one example of the amazing public relations work the European Space Agency ESA did at explaining this incredible mission. Make sure to also check out the lovely conversation and scientific announcements by @ESA_Rosetta and @Philae2014 on Twitter.


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