UTND 025: The Russian Comeback



Vladimir Putin’s mysterious 10 day disappearance is this week’s ‘Under the News Desk’ topic.

CJ and guest co-anchor and comedian Shubha (@shubhasiva) chat about Russian politics, the joys of art and writing jokes, our mutual love for callbacks, Germans and their take on different clothing options, dating tips and the differences of men and women laughing.

You can also see Shubha live on stage at Wolf Comedy every last Thursday of the month at Knox Street Bar in Chippendale, Sydney.

Tickets to the ‘Under the News Desk’ live podcast recordings in Melbourne are available at www.trybooking.com/GMTR. Be quick! The first two shows are almost sold out.

You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes | Libsyn | Stitcher.

This episode is 0:38 minutes long.

4 Comments on “UTND 025: The Russian Comeback”

    1. CJ Delling

      Hi Dale, Thank you for adding the link. I am looking forward to her show in Melbourne. I had already left Adelaide before her run started at the Adelaide Fringe. Cheers, CJ

  1. Dale Robinson

    I like the idea of “Topical Ointment”. Think of merchandising! Professor Delling’s Miracle Ointment will cure baldness, nakedness, rashes and writer’s block.

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