UTND 023: Death is the cheaper option (Kill Bill special)


UTND-podcast-ep-23-comedyOn this episode of the topical comedy podcast ‘Under the News Desk’, CJ and co-anchor Doug Suiter talk all things cats, the amazing return of Bart – a.k.a. the Zombie cat – coming back from the dead, how to work from home when you have a cat, the benefits of health insurance for people and/or pets, and thank the listeners for the invention of the ‘Under the News Desk’ drinking game:

  • Every time Germany is mentioned
  • CJ saying “and ahm”
  • any mention of cats
  • to be continued…

You can find Doug online on Twitter @DougSuiter, on Instagram cheesenightmare and the great web series about what it is like to do comedy www.thejokesonme.tv.

Or simply enjoy looking at pictures of “cats standing up” or the fantastic animation of Simon’s cat on youtube.

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