UTND 021: A night out on the tiles


UTND-icon-ep-21-CJ-DellingCJ and comedian Renu Prasad talk about the top news story of the month of January: ‘An Irishman couldn’t walk into a bar – so he tried to get in through the roof’.

CJ and Renu also discuss how alcohol carries its own sense of rationality, the shift in eating culture, scary make-up, undervalued “innovative integrated solutions providers” of the future, the importance of a clear branding strategy and roof related puns.

Since the recording, CJ has found out about the difference between a mind map and a mud map (thanks to www.collinsdictionary.com).
Mind map – noun: A diagrammatic method of representing ideas, with related concepts arranged around a core concept.
Mud map – noun (Australian, informal): A map drawn on the ground with a stick, or any other roughly drawn map.

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