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Comedy industry insights notesThis is a collection of visual notes that I took at public or open access events such as talks, panel discussions or workshops.

Most of them were free events open to everyone. If it was a paid event or it was only open to artists working in the industry, then I double checked with the organisers before adding the notes to this post.

These notes are visual summaries capturing the main points of what was said. They were made in real-time, so when the panel discussion or talk is done, so are the notes.


2015 Events

Adelaide Fringe Festival talks and panel discussions

These two events took place during the first week of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

  • Fresh produce: The pros and cons of having a producer vs. self-producing
    A panel discussion that included Scott Maidment, Stephanie Brotchie, Nadia Rossi and Tessa Waters.
  • Making your art accessible
    Gaelle Mellis from Access2Arts presented on the various ways an artist can make their work more accessible.

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2014 Events

Melbourne International Comedy Festival panel discussions

These two panel discussions about ‘Touring 101’ were free public events organised by the festival as part of a conference for people serious about their comedy.

  • Touring 101: Edinburgh Expectations
    This panel discussion included Rebecca Austin, Daniel Townes, Steve Lock, Kelly Fogarty and was hosted by the festival director Susan Provan.
  • Touring 101: Out of State
    This panel discussion included Toby Sullivan, Bec Sutherland, Damian Callinan, Kane Forbes and was hosted by the festival’s executive producer Damien Hodkinson.

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Wheeler Centre events

During the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Wheeler Centre held two free events looking at two aspects of the comedy industry.

  • This is what a comedian looks like
    This panel discussion organised by Jeez Louise explored the potential and prejudice in the world of professional comedians, who happen to be female. Hosted by Claire Bartholomew this panel included Celia Pacquola, Sara Pascoe, Adrienne Truscott and Hannah Gadsby.
  • Talking comedians writing books
    Stand-up comedy in a sit-down format. This panel discussion explore what it is like to write a book for comedians and how it differs from writing for the stage. The event was hosted by Todd Abbott with Corinne Grant, Denise Scott and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall.

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Jeez Louise workshop

This two-day workshop was held during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 and included a series of talks and panel discussions about the following topics:

  • Top tips, tools and lies in comedy
  • Pitching
  • Brand management
  • Managing health
  • Arts accounting
  • and a session on ‘if I knew then, what I know now’.

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