The making of… my 2012 MICF poster

All good things come in threes…

Step 1: The Photoshoot

Thankfully I was working with two experienced photographers… eh, yes, literally. I mean that they were actually colleagues from work (my day job) and just happened to be really, really good photographers in their spare time. Lucky me!

Step 2: Graphic design

Find a cool and quirky graphic designer.

The whole process of entering in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, writing my debut show, organising the marketing and publicity side etc. has been quite a huge learning experience.

But at the same time it has enabled me to get in touch with a lot of creative, talented and just simply amazing people and do things I would never have imagined 5 years ago.

Step 3: Taaadaaahhh

And the final outcome looks amazing. Thank you again to everyone involved.


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